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St. Joseph Island Museum

RR#2, Richards Landing, ON Canada P0R 1J0
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Founded in 1963 by the Historical Society, the St. Joseph Island Museum has over 6000 artifacts covering over 200 years of Island History. The progression of the Island is represented in four time periods: Indigenous encampments to Fort St. Joseph (1798-1814); pioneer settlements (1835-1890); to a period of almost complete private ownership by 1890; and the depression and war years (1900-1945).   The St. Joseph Island Museum was founded when the I Line United Church and the I Line School were donated to the Museum board. The log cabin was moved to the site by Mr. Ralph Nelson Sr., who donated his time and skills and lent funds for the project. The barn was moved to the site from the foot of the Island as a Canada Centennial project spearheaded by Jocelyn Township council. Some 20 men volunteered to dismantle the structure and rebuild it at the Museum Village.   In the 1970s, the church was stabilized with the donated labour of Jim Harten and Ralph Nelson. Electricity was installed in most buildings. A map showing the original locations of the buildings was framed and hung on the barn. Ministry courses in filing, genealogy and conservation were attended by curator Ada Trantor and two students. The huge puddingstone was erected by Ralph Nelson Sr.   In the 1980s, an enormous white pine log, representative of Ontario’s last virgin timber, was installed and protected on the grounds. The Island’s first school, circa 1887, was moved to the Museum Village from Sailor’s Encampment. In 1988, the 1912 Kentvale General Store was donated by Cal Kent and moved to the site.   The present number of artifacts is over 6000 and growing, all of them donated by Island residents and businesses. Some of the more interesting include Fort St. Joseph relics, Indigenous relics, a horse drawn hearse complete with occupant, military artifacts, stoneware, quilts, post office equipment, a telephone operator’s switchboard, tractors, a thresher, blacksmith equipment, farm implements, photos, clothing, and even a wreath made of human hair!


Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site of Canada

PO Box 220 Richards Landing Ontario P0R 1J0
Tel : 705-246-2664
Fax: 705-246-1796
Email: fortstjoseph-info


Hours of Operation: June 1 – September 30,  Wednesday - Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., October 1: Closed for winter

Still remote and relatively undisturbed, Fort St. Joseph symbolizes the commercial and military alliance that existed between the British and the First Nations peoples of the western Great Lakes region in the aftermath of the American Revolutionary War through the War of 1812. In addition to the Fort itself, the site contains a remarkable assemblage of archaeological features which in their undeveloped state reveal part of the complex pattern of military, domestic and commercial life – Aboriginal and European – in this frontier outpost.

Richards Landing Jail 

This stone structure in the middle of Richards Landing constructed of picturesque sturdy stone still retains the original bars on the windows and locked cell within.  The Old Town Jail was built in the early 1900’s and used until the I920’s (though not often).  It was and is the only jail in the Township of St. Joseph and was later expanded and served as the Fire Hall.   It is situated in the center of the village convenient for any walking tour and is open daily during the summer.  Model prisoner forms are on the front lawn allowing for photographs of you and your family to be shown in prison garb which may be shared as a fun remembrance of your holiday on beautiful St. Joseph Island.


Ray of Light - Richards Landing Lighthouse

Constructed in the early 2000's, the Richards Landing Lighthouse was an intitative of Ray Stortini.  It was constructed as an attraction to the waterfront and marina of Richards Landing.  With the support of Ray Storini and a group of donors this beautiful building shines its "Ray of Light" for all to see at our waterfront.  









Boating, Marina & Board Walk

You can find our Marina information, Docks and Boat Launches Here.  Please feel free to contact our office should you have any questions regarding Boating in the area.   There is a fully accessible Boardwalk along the waterfront and parking available at the Marina.  


We are excited to announce that improvements for the Marina are underway.  Please note that there will be construction in the area and there will be some disruptions in service or traffic flow capabilities.  Please seek more information in our Updates & News section or follow our Facebook The Township of St, Joseph Community Notcies for up to date information.  





  • Map (below)
  • Repair Stand - Use our free repair stand and pump to give your bike a quick tune up before hitting the roads! Located conveniently at the Richards Landing Marina, just on the edge of the parking lot. 


Points of interest

  • St. Mary's Channel, Sailors Encampment: Use and see when a freighter might be travelling through. Many great places to view large ships up close!


  • P Line Hill - The top of the Mountain is truly one of the best views on St. Joseph Island. Take the 10th sideroad south from Richards Landing and just keep driving till you hit the top. Turn around for some amazing views and get some memorable photos!










Winter Fun on St. Joseph Island


  • Ice Fishing - There are many great spots to ice fish around St. Joseph Island. Get your gear ready and get out on the ice!


  • Skating at Tranter Park    


  • Skiing - Groomed cross country ski trails are available seasonally at the Jocelyn Fairgrounds in Jocelyn Township.