Landfill and Recycling

map of D line and the landfill on st. joseph island  Landfill and Recycling Depot
  1887 D Line Road Richards Landing ON P0R 1J0

Summer Hours of Operation:

Wednesday & Saturday  10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday 2:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The landfill will close for Sunday hours Thanksgiving Weekend. 
**Closed all statutory holidays
Share Shed is open Saturdays from 10-12 and Wednesdays 10-1 starting June 5



Waste Disposal Guidelines

Landfill use stickers: All eligible landfill users are required to have a Landfill Sticker.  Please contact the Township office at 705-246-2625 or email [email protected] if you require one.
Landfill vouchers:  Required for all non-household dumping. Currently vouchers are available at Island Timbermart,  Kentvale Home Hardware, Monday through Saturday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, or at the Township Office Mon-Fri 8:30am - 4pm.
Residents are reminded that Landfill Use Permit Windshield stickers must be displayed for entry to the Township of St. Joseph Landfill Site. If you have not received one, or have a second vehicle for which you would like one, additional stickers may be obtained at the Township Office at 1669 Arthur Street in Richards Landing.

Landfill By-law 2020-07
Tipping Fees 2021: 

 SINGLE ITEM (sofa, recliner, mattress)

 $  5.00


 $ 10.00


 $ 75.00


 $ 150.00


No charge. Place in designated location.

 TIRES-absolutely no rims

No charge. Place in designated location.


No charge. Use Bin provided in Recyling area.

 SHINGLES – proof of building permit required

Tipping fees apply based on load size.

BOATS – Fibreglass, up to a max of 20 feet.  All motors, parts, fuel and fluid must be removed.   Vouchers payable only at the office.

 $5.00 per foot

NEW FREON REMOVAL TAG: This may be purchased at the Township Office Only. This $40 sticker will allow you to deposit one freon containing appliance (fridge, freezer, air conditioning unit) in the designated area at the landfill and the Township will contract the freon removal for you and recyle the unit.

*Other fees may apply

Spring (May 19-25, 2024) / Fall Clean-Up (October 6-12, 2024)

Tipping fees will be waived at the Township of St. Joseph Landfill for non-household refuse (brush, metal, etc.) from residences within the Township during regular dump hours during one week each spring and fall.  Maximum load size is 2 cu. yds. (1/2 ton truck or small trailer).  No Dump Trucks – No Commercial Refuse. Landfill Use Permit windshield stickers are required and are available for pick up at the Township Office.  Check the News Section for this year’s spring/fall clean-up weeks.

Landfill Use Guidelines

These guidelines provide an overview of the requirements for use of the Township of St. Joseph Municipal Landfill Site and have been developed to reflect Ministry of the Environment regulations.  Public co-operation in following these guidelines will benefit the entire community. The cost to eventually close our existing landfill and develop a new site is expected to be in excess of $1 Million.  By working together, we can prolong the life of our current landfill site and reduce the tax dollars required to operate this facility.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in withdrawal of individual dumping privileges
Landfill Use Permit sticker must be displayed in the lower left corner of the windshield for access to the landfill.
Household refuse must be separated from recyclable materials and non-household refuse.
Household refuse is to be thrown over the bank in designated area.
Recyclable materials must be placed in recycling depot collection bins.
Tipping fees are in effect for non-household refuse (i.e. wood, building materials, fill, stumps, etc.)
Non-household refuse must be separated and placed within appropriate areas of back/lower level of landfill site.
Designated areas are signed for each type of non-household refuse (clean wood/brush, painted/treated wood, metals and other non-household refuse)
Landfill Use Permit sticker and receipt for tipping fees is required for access to back/lower level of landfill site, which is closed during the winter months.
Tipping fees may be paid at the Township Office, Kentvale Home Hardware, Island Timbermart, or St. Jo's Diner. No on-site payments.
We DO NOT accept hazardous waste at our landfill.

Need to dispose of unused  prescriptions and medical sharps?
The Health Products Stewardship Association operates programs locally through participating pharmacies to collect these products.
Visit your local participating pharmacy to return these products.  Find the one nearest you by visiting or by downloading the Recyclepedia App on your device. MacKay’s Island Pharmacy is a location in our Township.
Pharmaceuticals/medications/prescription drugs and medical sharps are household hazardous waste and should not be placed in the regular garbage collection.

Please see these sites for more information on medical waste disposal:

Hazardous Waste

The Township of St. Joseph does not accept household hazardous waste in the municipal landfill.  Hazardous Waste includes products which are corrosive (such as acids), flammable (burns easily), reactive (explosive or produce deadly vapours), or toxic (poisonous to humans).  Examples of household hazardous waste include: acids, aerosols, antifreeze, bases (cleaning solutions, etc.), batteries, fire extinguishers, flammables (cleaning solvents), oils, paint, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, propane cylinders and sharp objects (needles). All household hazardous waste must be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot at 402 Fifth Line East in Sault Ste. Marie: Phone: (705) 759-5201 Hours of Operation Closed for Winter, reopens April 2020. The Depot will accept hazardous waste from small businesses as well.  The service is free of charge to residents, however, fees apply to businesses. The Special Waste Depot accepts:  paint, batteries, motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, acids, diesel fuel, flammables, varsol, oil filters, aerosols and bases, propane tanks and cylinders, printer cartridges, sharps/biohazard containers, pharmaceuticals, caustics, oxidizers, organic liquids, cell phones, fluorescent light tubes.

Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment such as computers, monitors, TVs, cell phones, fax machines, CD players, etc. are accepted at the waste disposal site.  Most electronics can be recyled using the electronics recyling bins found at our recycling area, ask the attendant.

Recycling Program

Recycling helps to save our environment and will prolong the life of our landfill.  Recyclable materials should be sorted into two categories: Paper Products (paper, magazines and cardboard) and  Plastic and Metal Containers. The following items are accepted at our Recycling Depot:

Paper Stream:

  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Shredded paper
  • Pizza boxes
  • Paper towel/toilet paper rolls
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Waxed milk/juice cartons
  • Magazines, including glossy paper
  • Wrapping/tissue paper
  • Phone books, hard and soft covered books

Commingle Stream:

  • #1 - #7 plastic containers (Must have this recycling number printed on container) 
  • Steel/aluminum/tin cans/tinfoil

The following items are NOT accepted at our Recycling Depot:


  • Any plastics, tins, cans, glass
  • Wood, including no orange crates with wood supports


  • Steel
  • Plastics other than #1 - # 7 (must have these numbers on the container)
  • Glass bottles, Jars, pane glass, drinking glasses, mirrors
  • Empty paint cans
  • Plastic bags, plastic wrap or Ziploc bags even if they are #1 or #2
  • Plastic vegetable trays even if they are #1 or #2
  • Shredded paper
  • Plastic plates & utensils
  • Paper plates
  • Styrofoam of any kind
  • Bottle caps & lids
  • Packing peanuts or bubble wrap
  • Greasy or wet paper (pizza boxes, food bags)
  • Containers with food residue still on them
  • Bags inside of containers (cereal bags, etc.)
  • Pet food bags (they’re lined with plastic)
  • Automotive chemical containers
  • Pesticide containers
  • Film, batteries, light bulbs, garden hoses
  • Tissues, napkins, paper towels
  • Tyvek (polyethylene fiber)
  • Six-pack ring holders (cut up & put in trash)
  • Metal scraps

Share Shed

The Share Shed is located next to the recycling depot at the St. Joseph Township Landfill Site. The Share Shed is open year round Saturdays 10am-12pm and Wednesdays 10am-1pm during summer hours. No drop-offs are permitted outside of Share Shed hours please. Township Residents / Ratepayers are encouraged to contribute good quality items that are no longer wanted but are still useable by others.  Please read the signs, place the items neatly on the shelves, and help to keep the share shed tidy.

Acceptable Items Include:

  • Small Household Items
  • Books and Magazines
  • Children’s Toys
  • Sports Equipment
  • Small Appliances (in working condition)
  • Tools (in working condition)

Unacceptable Items Include:

  • Hazardous Materials or Waste
  • Liquids of any kind
  • Clothing or Stuffed Animals
  • Appliances containing Freon
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Large Furniture   


Tire Recycling

The Township of St. Joseph now offers Tire Recycling at our landfill site through the Ontario Tire Stewardship.  Please refer to the Link 

for more information on the program. Tire Recycling FAQ’s Tire Recycling BrochureReduce Reuse Recycle

Landfill Committee Minutes:
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