Online Payments and E-billing

The Township of St. Joseph provides a variety of payment options for our community to pay for services.  You will find below all of our payment options that are Online, In Person or By Mail.  Should you require further information or have questions, please contact our office at 705-246-2625.

E- Billing

Save the trees and sign up now to have your Property Taxes come directly to your Email Inbox.  You can then set up payment through your banks Online Banking and Telephone Banking system.




Property Taxes 

Payment Methods include:

 Online Banking  Cheque   Cash  

Debit payments are now accepted at the office. We do not accept Credit Card Payments.

Setting Up Online Payee's for Property Taxes:

To pay property taxes using your Online Banking, make the Township of St. Joseph a Payee and use your Roll Number as your Account Number.   Depending on your bank, the hyphens may not be required and they may accept either the Roll Number or the Short Roll.  It will depend on your bank.  See an example below of where to find these numbers on your tax bill.



Utilities may be paid by using your Online Banking, making the Township of St. Joseph a Payee and using your utility Account Number as your account number, or by Cash, Cheque and Debit.



Other Payments

All other payments may be made by Cash , Cheque, Debit or by e-transfer to [email protected] 

Credit Cards are not accepted.