Rent a Facility


Centennial Grounds

The Centennial Grounds are an amazing venue for Family Reunions, Corporate events, Weddings, Concerts and other large gatherings. The facilities include such features as:

  • fully fenced manicured grounds with ticket gates
  • washroom facilities that can handle thousands of visitors
  • high capacity electrical
  • plenty of parking
  • food and beer booths 
  • picnic tables available
  • two stages

 Old Town Hall

The Richards Landing Town Hall was constructed over 100 years ago at a cost of $250, and underwent extensive renovations and updating in 2000 to preserve its character and increase the usability of this landmark building.   The Town Hall was the focal point of the community for many years.  During the past century it has served as the location for many activities including socials, council meetings, dances, fairs, graduation ceremonies, concerts, meetings, weddings, 4-H gatherings, movie nights, and more.   Recent improvements to the building include replacement of windows and doors, insulation and heating systems, a new stage, refinishing the interior and exterior finishes, and washrooms.  All of these modern conveniences have been built in, while the original character and charm of the hall is maintained.  The Town Hall can be rented for a wide variety of uses at very reasonable rates.  Please contact the Healthy Living , for details and booking information.


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