Property Taxes

Taxes are due in two installments annually. Bills are sent February 1 and due by February 28th, and sent August 1 and due August 31. 

The Property Tax Bill is made up of two main components Education Tax and Municipal Township Tax.

  1. What makes up my tax bill?
    Your Property Tax Bill is made up of two main components: Education Taxes – The tax rate is set by the Province of Ontario and is billed and collected by the municipality. These levies are remitted to your district school board. Municipal Township Taxes – The tax rates for your municipal services are based on Council’s adoption of the annual budget. The total expenditures relate to a variety of services provided by the Township. Revenues from Provincial grants, user fees and other sources have been deducted from the total expenditures, resulting in a net amount to be raised through Municipal Township Taxation. Water and Sewer operating costs are excluded as they are 100% recovered by the User Fees charged directly to the ratepayers receiving these services. Municipal taxes also include the cost of policing services.
  2. How are my Tax Dollars distributed to other Public Entities?
    This example is based on a residential property with assessed values of $100,000, $150,000 & $200,000 respectively and uses a 6.2% average assessment increase to compare to 2011.
  3. How is my tax bill calculated?
    Formula = PROPERTY ASSESSMENT* multiplied by TAX RATE*** The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) classifies and assesses all properties in Ontario under the Assessment Act and regulations established by the Provincial Government. To establish your property’s assessed value, MPAC analyzes the property sales in your area. These sales provide the basis for assessed values. MPAC continually collects information about properties to ensure that similar property types are valued consistently within the market area. This method is called Current Value Assessment. It is used by most assessment jurisdictions in Canada and around the world.

** Tax rates are calculated and approved annually by each of the public entities and are listed in the tables below and explained above.