By-Law Enforcement

It is always best if neighbours can respectfully resolve their issues without the need for By-law Enforcement. If possible, discuss the problem with your neighbour. Remember to focus on the issue, listen to their concerns, and look for mutually beneficial solutions.

If your efforts to resolve the matter with your neighbour have been unsuccessful, the Township's By-law Enforcement officer may be able to assist in resolving the issue. Contact the By-law Enforcement officer to learn about the Township's By-laws and if they apply to your situation. He can be reached at 705-989-8788. You may find an answer to your inquiry in our FAQ's listed below.


I am planning a gathering at my cottage, what time does the noise by-law require the noise to stop?

The Noise Bylaw requires all amplified sound, music or loud voices to cease at 11:00 p.m. After 11:00 p.m. noise must not trespass from your property to another.

There is a stray loose dog in my area, what do I do?

Call the Bylaw Officer and he will come and attempt to secure the dog. If the dog has a tag the township will do it's best to return the dog to the owner. 

My neighbour's dog barks constantly, what can I do?

A complaint can be filed with the by-law officer and he will attend and caution the dog owner. 

By-Law Enforcement Officer Contact: 705-989-8788