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1303 Richards Street
Richards Landing ON P0R 1J0
Phone: (705) 246-3511
Mobile: (705) 971-5111
Fax: (705) 246-3142
Water and Sewer Superintendent – Barry Elliott

The community of Richards Landing is serviced with modern water and sewer facilities which were constructed in the early 1990s.   The domestic water supply serving the connected residents of Richards Landing is sourced from drilled wells located adjacent to the water plant/pump-house at the corner of on Llewellyn Street and Richards Street (Hwy. 548) in Richards Landing. Approximately 160 homes, businesses and institutional uses are provided with a safe drinking water supply from this facility.   The system includes disinfection facilities (sodium hypochlorite and ultraviolet), a 750,000 litre in ground storage reservoir, and high lift and fire pumps that discharge to the distribution system. Pressure tanks are provided to maintain distribution system pressure and a diesel generator set is located on site to provide emergency power. The system is monitored regularly by qualified staff to ensure a consistently safe drinking water supply.   The sewage treatment plant is situated at the east side of the community on Marguerite Street and forms part of the sewage collection and treatment system which includes the underground sewer collection system and a sewage pumping station located on Russell Street. The sewage flows by gravity to the sewage pumping station from where it is pumped to the sewage treatment plant. The sewage pumping station is designed for a 20 year peak flow and is supplied with emergency power from the generator located at the water plant.   The sewage treatment plan is a modern rotating biological contactor RBC design followed by a secondary clarification system. The disinfected effluent is then discharged by gravity via a sewage outfall line to a diffuser located 450m offshore which is designed to dilute and disperse the effluent away from the shore to protect downstream domestic and recreational users.

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