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The Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre

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1209 Catherine Street
Richards Landing ON P0R 1J0
Phone: (705) 246-0036
Fax: (705) 246-0249
Program Coordinator – Melinda Thomas
Program Assistant – Jessica La Combe

Helping You To Remain in Your Home!

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the journey for a senior staying in their home starts much before the “desperation stage” when seniors give up on their independence.  Admitting the need for services helps maintain physical and mental health in the journey early on.

The Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre seeks to provide the necessary community services for seniors to remain in their own home such as Meals on Wheels, Transportation, Day Out, Home Maintenance, Friendly Visiting, Congregate Dining and many other special interest services.  The Centre seeks to keep the legacy of its namesake, Dr. Harold S. Trefry alive through affordable and accessible service for all and the almost 100 volunteers and approximately 10,000 volunteer hours provided annually make this mission possible.

Detailed program information is listed below.  For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Connecting People and Programs for a Stronger Community

Please take a moment to help us improve your experience with Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre Services by completing this survey. Surveys can either be submitted online using the link above, or printed and returned to the Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre or the Administrative office.

Seniors Services Survey PDF

The Dr. Trefry Memorial Centre seeks to provide services to seniors and persons with disabilities which will assist them to remain in their own homes and allow them to maintain their dignity. Operating in memory of Dr. Harold S. Trefry and his service to this community.

January 26, 2015 – Increased Fee Schedule

General Services Flyer

We service the municipalities of MacDonald Meredith & Aberdeen Additional, Laird Township, Tarbutt & Tarbutt Additional, Johnson Township, Village of Hilton Beach, Township of Hilton, Township of Jocelyn and The Corporation of the Township of St. Joseph.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels are not just for seniors (65+). It is available to the all seniors (young and old), the disabled and anyone who is recovering from illness or surgery. Home cooked meals are delivered hot to your home Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays around NOON, for only $8.25 per meal, with subsidies available based on income. Special diet restrictions can also be accommodated. The meals consist of an entrée, two sides, a bowl of soup made fresh the morning of delivery and a tasty dessert. A delicious four-week menu plan is available for viewing. Prescriptions and medical supplies can be delivered along with your Meals on Wheels free of charge from MacKay’s Island Pharmacy or delivered to Matthews Memorial Hospital.

Gift certificates are available for purchase for someone already receiving meals or someone that could benefit from having meals delivered.


Volunteer drivers provide transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, adult day care and other scheduled activities; giving priority to medical appointments, Participants should provide at least two business days notice when requesting a ride.  Rates are based on total household income.

Congregate Dining

Diner’sClub is a well-attended monthly function held the last Tuesday of each month at the Royal Canadian Legion in Richards Landing.  A good time is had by all.  The program begins at 11:30 a.m. and usually includes educational topics or entertainment and is followed by a family style dinner at 12:30 p.m.  The cost is $10.00 per person, with the exception of Christmas Diner’s which is $12.00.  If you are interested, call to have your name placed on a call list.

Potluck offers a smaller group feel and is held the first Tuesday of each month at the Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre.  Bring a dish or a joke and come to share some delicious food and laughter together.

Day Out Program

We would love to have you come to this fun-packed, educational, invigorating and social day away! This program provides a great day away for yourself or for a loved one. Day Out provides a wonderful respite for full-time caregiver, of someone with a precarious condition and also offers clients that opportunity to stay informed, learn or teach new skills, establish friendships, and to stay active. Day Out is offered twice weekly in Echo Bay on Wednesdays and Richards Landing on Thursdays.  Call for more information about applying.

Telephone Reassurance and Friendly Visiting

Living alone or being confined to your home can be difficult. There are volunteers who will visit periodically or will call daily to chat to see that you are okay. This is a convenient way to reassure your family you are safe and to establish friendships.

Home Maintenance

This subsidized program assists seniors and disabled persons to maintain their residences and thereby their independence. If you are unable to find help in the areas of deep house cleaning, yard work and snow removal, the Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre staff may know of someone in your area to meet your needs. Subsidy is available for a certain amount of snow removal, house cleaning and maintenance for disabled and seniors who qualify for a subsidy based on total household income.   For more information call the Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre.

Income Based Subsidy Scale

Home Maintenance Subsidy Submission Form

Foot Care

Marcy Clark, RPN with Landing Feet First comes to the Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre twice per month.  Please call (705) 971-9698 to make an appointment.

Life Labs Mobile

The Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre is happy to host a blood draw service every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. Please call the LifeLabs Mobile clinic at (705) 946-5543 to schedule an appointment and leave a message if you are unable to speak with someone directly.  You are required to bring a hard copy of the requisition form from your family doctor to your appointment.

Special Interest Activities

  • Exercise and Falls Prevention Session Mondays at the Dr. Trefry Centre, 10-11AM
  • Wii For Seniors Mondays, 10-11AM
  • Exercise and Falls Prevention Session Mondays at the Laird Hall, 10-11AM
  • Bridge Group Mondays and Wednesdays, 1-4PM
  • Nordic Pole Walking Wednesdays at the Royal Canadian Legion, 10-11AM
  • Exercise and Falls Prevention Session Thursdays at the Dr Trefry Centre, 1-2PM.
  • Exercise and Falls Prevention Session Thursdays at the Laird Hall, 10-11AM
  • Hens & Stitches Fridays,10AM-12PM
  • Pot Luck First Tuesday of each month
  • Indoor Walking Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 374, 9AM-12PM
  • Community Quilters 3rd Tuesday of each Month (cancelled in July & August), 1-3PM
  • Coffee Connections Thursdays, 9-10AM at the Dr. Trefry Centre
  • Coffee Connections Wednesdays, 9 – 10 AM at Echo Bay Community Hall

*All activities above are held at the Dr. H.S. Trefry Memorial Centre, unless otherwise specified. Call 705-246-0036 with any questions.


  • Treadmill
  • Exercise Bicycle
  • Hall with fully equipped kitchen facility

The Dr. Harold S. Trefry Memorial Centre is a Community Support Service organization managed by the Township of St. Joseph. The program is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care through the North East Local Health Integration Network.

Service Accountability Agreement

Prior to providing funding for the provision of services to its local health system, the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006 requires that the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and the Health Service Provider (HSP) enter into a service accountability agreement. The service accountability agreement is a multi-year agreement that supports a collaborative relationship between the LHIN and the HSP to improve the health of Ontarians through better access to high quality health services, to coordinate health care in local health systems, and to manage the health system at the local level effectively and efficiently. In this context, the HSP and the LHIN agree that the provision of services to the local health system by the HSP will be funded as set out in the attached Agreement.

Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement between LHIN and The Township of St. Joseph for 2014-2017

Find out more about how you can GET INVOLVED by calling or stopping by our office

Mission Statement

To provide services to seniors and persons with disabilities, which will assist them to remain in their own homes and allow them to maintain their dignity.

Eligible persons must have a valid OHIP number, live within the catchment area, be over the age of 65, recovering from illness or temporarily/permanently disabled.

Make a referral to the Dr. H.S. Trefry Memorial Centre

Twin Rocks Seniors Housing Complex

Twin Rocks is a 12 Unit housing complex for Seniors located on the corner of Catherine Street and Highway 548 in Richards Landing. This property is owned and operated by the Township of St. Joseph Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation which is a separate legal entity from the Township of St. Joseph and has its own Board of Directors and maintenance staff. This non-profit corporation does however contract with the Township to provide some administrative and management services related to its operations.

The complex consists of a mix of one and two bedroom single storey townhouse style units, each with its own car port, sun porch and washer and dryer. Two units (one 1 bedroom and one 2 bedroom) are modified for accessibility by the physically disabled. All units overlook the Women Institute Park and have at least a partial view of the St. Joseph Channel.

The majority of the units are intended for rental to persons with low or moderate income on a rent-geared-to-income (RGI) basis. Some of the units however are available for market rent. Separate waiting lists are maintained for each type of unit on a first comer first serve basis. The rent for RGI units is subsidized by local governments and the tenant’s portion of the rent is approximately 30% of the tenant’s gross household monthly income.

Application forms to apply for accommodation at Twin Rocks are available at the Township Office and at the Algoma District Services Administration Board (ADSAB) Office in Little Rapids. Completed applications should be returned to either the ADSAB Office for RGI units or the Township Office for market rent units, however they may be delivered to either one for forwarding to the other.

The following individuals are currently serving on the Board of Directors:
President: Barb Jackson
Vice President: Rick Thomas
Directors: Lorraine Aelick, Council Representative
Merle Hawdon (Tenant Representative)
Mary Pritchard (Tenant Representative)

If you would like to apply for housing, please fill out the Housing Services Application and either bring it to the Municipal office, located at 1669 Arthur St. or mail it directly to Algoma District Services Administration Board at:

Algoma District Services Administration Board
1 Collver Road
Thessalon,  ON
P0R 1L0