Churches and Cemeteries

Island Churches

If you are a new resident or are visiting St. Joseph Island and wish to find a place of worship, please see the listing below:

  • Holy Trinity (Anglican) Jocelyn Township – M&N Line Service:  11:00 a.m. Sundays (705) 246-0382
  • Free Methodist Church 1589 Hilton Road, Hilton Township Service: Sunday Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Children’s Church during service. (705) 246-2081
  • Island Bible Chapel 1332 Littleton Street, Richards Landing Service: 11:15 a.m. Sundays (705) 246-0507
  • Harmony St. Marks United Church 1176 Richards Street, Richards Landing Service: 11:00 a.m. (705) 246-2578
  • Grace United Church Hilton Beach Service: 9:30 a.m. (705) 246-2578
  • St. Boniface Catholic Church Hilton Beach Service: 4:30 Saturdays (705) 246-2866

Island Cemeteries

There are a number of cemeteries on St. Joseph Island, the Township of St. Joseph provides a non-denominational cemetery located on 10th Side Road, between the ‘D’ Line and the ‘F & G’ Line. It serves all the Churches within the township and throughout St. Joseph Island. The earliest known burials began in 1887 and it is still active.   Current plot prices are $500 for residents and $600 for non residents. Please contact the municipal office for information on purchasing plots or information on burials.

Donations are now being accepted to help construct a gazebo at the Township of St. Joseph Cemetery.  This structure will give cemetery visitors a place to rest and reflect.  Donations may be made by contacting the municipal office.


  • Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery is located on the north side of Hwy. 548 (Hilton Rd.) between the Huron Line and ‘A’ Line.   The cemetery is located in the churchyard of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church.  The first burials were about 1886.  It is still an active cemetery.
  • Tenby Bay Cemetery is located on the west side of the 5th Side Road, between the 2nd and 4th Concession.  It was originally affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, but is now non-denominational, and the Twp. of Jocelyn overseas the care and maintenance of the Cemetery.  The first known burial was in 1886.  It is still an active cemetery.
  • Maple Mountain Grove Cemetery is located on the ‘P’ Line.  The church was built in 1880 as a Methodist church.  The cemetery is now non-denominational and maintained by a group of local residents.  It is still an active cemetery.


  • Grace United Cemetery is located on Hilton Rd. in Hilton Twp., just west of the intersection of Base Line and Hwy. 548.  Originally the church was located there also, but later moved down in to Hilton Village.  Originally named the Hilton Beach United Church, the name was changed to Grace United Church in 1956 following the death of a faithful parishioner, Miss Grace Steinburg.  The first burial took place in December of 1881.  It is still an active cemetery.   St. John’s Anglican Cemetery is located on Hwy. 548 (Cedar St.), Lot B, Conc. 16 of Hilton Twp.  The church originally sat in the churchyard, was moved down to Hilton Village in the 1920’s, and returned to it original setting in 2002.  The earliest burials took place in 1882.  It is still an active cemetery.